“Adopt, don’t buy” – Pet Rescue Isipingo appeals

People love their pets and some even treat them like their own children. Pets provide companionship, unconditional love, and in some cases can be beneficial to health.

The sad reality is that when people can’t afford their pets or don’t want them anymore, they are often dumped or abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Animal welfare organizations, such as Pet Rescue Isipingo, which takes in homeless, stray, injured, abandoned and abused dogs, cats and birds, play a vital role in housing these animals until they can find their forever home.

The Isipingo Hills-based organization was founded by Nirvana Ramlall, in memory of her late husband, Gord Hausmann, who loved and adored animals.

“He opened my heart to helping animals. Together we had 15 dogs and a goat. It broke my heart when he passed away and I had to repatriate my pets. The process I went through was heartbreaking and I swore to help for the rest of my life,” she said.

Ramlall and his rescue partner, Narain Naidoo, urged members of the public to adopt pets from animal shelters rather than buy them.

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“We strive to ensure that no animal experiences the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect. We wish to bring our plight to light and work with other animal organizations to eliminate the suffering of dogs and cats in and around Isipingo, Amanzimtoti, Merebank and other areas of Durban,” Ramlall said.

When asked why people should adopt or foster instead of buying pets, she replied, “There are too many pets suffering and dying. By adopting, you are giving a home to a homeless animal and giving us room to take in more. We repatriate the animal safely after veterinary care so that you get a healthy animal. Please stop buying backyard breeders. The mother there is generally in a horrible state. They use these dogs as money-making machines.

She shared that adopting a pet is much cheaper than buying it from a breeder. The adoption process was quite simple and included an application to qualify to adopt. A home check is also done and there is a small adoption fee that covers the organization’s veterinary care.

Speaking about some of the challenges facing the organization, she said no community work can succeed without public support.

“I look forward to support in the form of adoptions, fostering, donations, dog food, medical supplies, toys, kennels and of course your volunteer help. All cash donations can help us. be made directly and any donation for our vet bill can be paid directly into the vet account,” Ramlall said.

Those interested in contributing to Pet Rescue Isipingo’s veterinary bill can do so using the following bank details: bank: FNB current account, account name: Montclair Animal Hospital, account number: 62914436169, agency code: 221026 and reference: Pet Rescue Isipingo.

For more information contact the founder of Pet Rescue Isipingo, Nirvana Ramlall at 062-633-0544. Otherwise, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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