Airdrie Pet Rescue Center Holds Dog Book Sale, Buckoo

Bark, bark! Airdrie’s Alberta Pound and Rescue held a book sale May 27-29 to raise money for Buckoo’s operation.

The Alberta Pound and Rescue Center (APARC) in Airdrie held a book sale from May 27-29, raising money for mass removal surgery for Buckoo – an approximately eight-year-old puppy who is suffering from a suspected cancerous mass.

Buckoo is currently looking for a foster family to adopt forever. People interested in Buckoo can apply to promote it.

While Buckoo is cared for by his new family, APARC will ensure that he receives the medical treatment he needs before he is fully adopted.

According to Samuel Sandidge, regional director of the shelter for APARC, Buckoo suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Sandidge hopes to find a foster home for Buckoo soon, so the pup can recover at home surrounded by new loved ones.

Like all pets at the center, Buckoo has had all of his vaccinations and been microchipped, meaning he’s ready to head to his new foster home at any time.

Buckoo’s surgery book sale had a good turnout, according to Sandidge. Received through community donations, the books cost between $0.25 and $2. On the last day of the book sale, shoppers could fill any size bag for $10, Sandidge said.

“Avid readers know their books have value even after they’re finished, so they always want to make sure there’s a good place to go,” Sandidge added.

Books that did not sell were donated to another organization in Airdrie and some will be kept for the next APARC book sale.

A former bookstore owner, Sandidge was motivated to hold a book sale to create a financially accessible way for anyone to pick up a book, while raising money for the animal shelter.

“I really think literacy is an important part of a really happy, healthy, vibrant society, and ensuring that through low-cost books for everyone is a really good way to achieve that,” said Sandidge. “There is no other opportunity to see such a variety of books in front of you.”

Besides selling books, APARC also accepts donations throughout the year. A registered charity, interested individuals can make monetary donations online. The shelter has a current wish list of items, including bleach, dog food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. People can also donate by visiting the Airdrie Center, located in the East Lake Industrial Park. The wish list can be viewed on the APARC website.

Although fundraising for book sales was specifically intended to help Buckoo, APARC fundraisers generally help support animal rescues, Sandidge said.

“We take animals that haven’t been rescued and make sure they’re neutered, so they can’t contribute to pet overpopulation, vaccinate them so they’re less likely to getting sick, deworming to get rid of anyone who sucks their life, and a microchip to make sure they get home,” Sandidge explained.

Once the animals receive these treatments, they are then put up for adoption. To adopt an adult cat, the cost is $180, while an adult dog costs $300. Adoption fees do not cover the cost of medical treatments and microchips pets receive. Fundraising is therefore crucial for the centre.

APARC also offers a Barn Buddies program, where animals that are not adoptable, such as semi-feral cats, can get a second chance at life. Sandidge said these animals can be purchased on a donation basis, with a minimum donation of $25.

“Due to our current regulations, we are not allowed to release them back into the community, so the only other option is euthanasia. It’s not [ideal] so we like to use our Barn Buddies program as much as we can… we’ve been able to save a couple dozen animals this way,” he added.

“Not only are you adopting, but you’re giving another animal the opportunity to fill that kennel space and be seen and also have the opportunity to find a loving home.”

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