Animal Communicator Brings Talent to Local Pet Shelter

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – At the Aiken County Animal Shelter, some dogs have been waiting for months for a home.

“People come and they want the young dog. They want the year-old dog, they want the puppy. They don’t want these dogs that are around five years old,” said shelter volunteer Kathy Jacobs.

She says some of these dogs have been there since October and she wonders what the wait is doing to them.

“You can’t say all these things when there are 34 dogs next to each other barking,” she said.

But now she hopes to find out.

Rachel Selikoff is an animal communicator and she offered to help the Aiken County Shelter.

“He is genetically good. Yes, I’m talking about you. I know you can hear,” Selikoff said.

“He likes where you interact with him,” she said.

She took to Zoom and listened to the four dogs who have been at the shelter the longest.

Jacobs says, from this experience, she learned that all four dogs are fine.

“It was really a relief to know that they’re doing really well, you know they’re grateful for the love they’re getting and they’re grateful for the volunteers, but they really want homes,” he said. she declared.

If you want to adopt one, the shelter is on Wire Road in Aiken. They are open Monday through Saturday.

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