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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – In 2020, animal lover Gabby Hoyt happily adopted Stella, a dog who was seriously injured in a car crash. It turns out that Stella also helped save Hoyt.

Stella came to Indy Humane with a broken pelvis after being found hit by a car. She almost became a three-legged dog, but with emergency surgery, doctors said she could keep her leg and just move with an unbalanced gait.

As she recovered, she was ushered into Gabby Hoyt’s office of Indy Humane’s staff. At the time, Hoyt was running the medical sponsorship program and set out to take pictures and find him a sponsor.

She says that’s around the time Stella started saving her.

“We were struck by these animals who needed support. It was almost like you have to pour into a half-full cup, ”Hoyt said, recalling feeling stressed and worried for her loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to work.

Hoyt said she felt a connection with Stella and decided to welcome her home to help her heal. Like a good dog, Stella stomped on and stayed.

“It immediately took me out of a funk that I didn’t realize I was in,” Hoyt said. “I get up earlier now and visit parks… and my other dog goes out more. I feel like the whole family has that breath of life in the house that we never knew we needed.

Hoyt says that looking back, she’s thankful that something really good happened during the pandemic.

“The inspiration of Stella coming from having that rough start to life but being so loving and kind, and willing to continue to trust people really inspired me that people really aren’t as bad as they are. it seems, ”Hoyt said.

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