Aspin fan Heart Evangelista welcomes new pet shelter


The fashion influencer and champion of Aspins is delighted with the opening of an animal adoption and rehabilitation center in her husband’s bailiwick

ANCX staff | April 16, 2022

We all know Heart Evangelista’s affection for aspins. Do you remember Panda she rescued from Nasugbu, Batangas? The dog became a much envied pet soon after. A rich fool a lap, If you want. With her main human spoiling her with Goyard necklaces, offering her a Hermès scarf at 40,000 pesos, and keeping her warm in a Hermes blanket worth 50,000,000,000, what else would you call Panda?

We will, if you are Heart, you can also call her daughter, which the lady has. She even named her Panda Ongpauco Escudero (Ongpauco is Heart’s real last name). “She will always be in my life and will never be downgraded just because,” she once told a follower who asked if she would allow the a lap in her bed if she had a child.

In November last year, Heart even offered a P50,000 reward to anyone who found another Aspin close to his heart, Luka, when the dog disappeared. “Sana matulungan niyo kami. Baka Nasa EDSA siyashe wrote in a Tweet, sounding very worried. “He’s very scared of people so baka nagtatago in mga bridge.”

So it’s no surprise that the actress-fashionista-artist seems so happy in her latest Instagram post. The reel shows her visiting a newly opened animal sanctuary in Cogon, Juban, Sorsogon. “Finally a home for our beloved aspins“, she wrote in her caption. “A rehabilitation and adoption center where you can find your forever love.” She reports that the center also provides free rabies shots and sterilization.

The shelter is likely a project of her husband, Chiz Escudero, who is governor of Sorsogon and is running for a return to the Senate in the May election. “Thank you @chizescudero for making this,” Heart said in her caption. “Proud of you,” she adds. The fashion influencer also thanks the doctors and volunteers at the shelter. “Together we will make this place a home for aspins who deserve nothing but the best in life.

Heart is an advocate for dog adoption and has been a celebrity endorser for PAWS, or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, for over a decade. She has done campaigns with the group including one called Have a heart for the Aspins“a call for people to recognize Aspins as beautiful, loving and loyal dogs”, therefore “they should receive the same care, love and respect as purebreds”.

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