Cathy Kangas Pays Pet Shelter Adoption Fee Through Her Beauty Company


Cathy Kangas

PRAI Beauty

Make his paw-rt! Animal advocate Cathy Kangas is on a mission to help shelter animals find their forever home.

The Humane Society Board Member spoke exclusively to Us weekly on the launch of Free the Shelters in May 2017 to facilitate adoption efforts.

“Animal shelters should be temporary foster homes rather than long-term prison sentences for animals, many of whom languish in shelters for two years or more. Each year, more than 3.3 million healthy shelter animals are euthanized. The shelters have puppies, purebreds and fabulous older dogs, ”Kangas said. We. “People view these animals as damaged property and don’t want to pay an adoption fee of up to $ 200 for a shelter animal. It bothered me and I decided to take action.

Kangas has taken matters into his own hands by covering the shelter adoption costs through his cruelty-free skin care line, PRAI Beauty. “The first shelter I partnered with was the Tampa Bay SPCA in May 2017. The result was an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me,” she recalls. “People were lining up early in the morning to adopt a pet. Every dog, cat and pet has found a home. I figured if something as simple as paying adoption fees could help move animals from a shelter to a home, this model could be replicated across the country.

PRAI Beauty

The entrepreneur has worked with more than 62 shelters in the United States and Canada since the launch of Free the Shelters, with thousands of animals rescued. “To date, the PRAI Free the Shelters campaign has found homes for over 5,000 animals,” she said. “A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of all PRAI Beauty products is donated to support animal causes. “

More so, Kangas helps save horses through his eponymous foundation. “I paid for and saved over 7,000 horses from slaughter pens in Texas and Louisiana, sending them to sanctuaries,” she said.

Kangas’ “overall goal” for the Free the Shelters movement is to generate publicity to “encourage people to choose a shelter animal over buying one from a store,” she explained. “Since the start of the campaign, the shelters we have worked with have seen an increase in donor support and an influx of new volunteers. We will not stop until all the shelters are emptied and all the animals have found a home.

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