Cooperative Coronavirus Shelters Eliminate Pet Shelters at Pleasanton Valley Humane Society – CBS San Francisco


PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) – Things can get a little lonely during three months of isolation from friends. So a lot of people are looking to adopt a friend – the four-legged kind.

The Valley Humane Society of Pleasanton generally tries to find homes for unwanted animals. But lately there are a lot more homes than pets.

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“It’s an adoption frenzy and it’s fantastic. We love it, ”said Melanie Sadek, Executive Director of the shelter.

People are so hungry for companionship during the in-place shelter that the demand for a furry roommate has reached levels the shelter has never seen before.

“On average, when the facility is open, you can have five phone calls to inquire about a particular animal. It can take up to a week, maybe two weeks to send them home, ”Sadek said. Currently, we can receive up to 50 phone calls per available animal.

Betsy Irish’s family had no idea that it would be so hard to finally find their new dog, Lance.

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“We went from LA to San Jose, to Santa Rosa. We were in Vallejo, Stockton, Lodi, Fremont, you name it, ”Irish said. “There are a lot of people out there who want dogs and we were very lucky because look at Lance!”

Another reason the facility is so empty is that most of the animals are actually kept offsite in foster homes and only brought in to meet with prospective adopters. Valley Humane normally has around 75 foster sitters, like Sarah Taylor, who is currently looking after three six-week-old kittens. But when the shelter had to close its building, he appealed for more foster homes. More than 500 people volunteered.

“I just think that as humans we have to take care of something and we don’t have to talk to ourselves!” Sadek said. “And Zoom doesn’t do much for us! “

Maybe she’s on something. In the times when we feel the most helpless, it is good to help someone else. Even someone with a mustache.

“It’s very gratifying,” Taylor said, as she picked up a little kitten. “I mean, look at these guys! It’s a dream!”

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The director of the shelter says people get frustrated when they can’t find a pet for adoption. She recommends that they “cast a bigger net” and look for websites of shelters outside of the region. And she says it helps if people are less picky about what type or breed of animal they might be looking for.


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