Discounts intensify when rescuing pets


Suicide of owners identified as main reason

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All Heart Pet Rescue records an unusual number of animal abandonments for this time of year.

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As of Thursday, the Powassan Animal Shelter had 17 dogs in its care, including several that were returned after the owner’s suicide.

“After the death of a pet owner, there are no notes on what to do with their pet,” says Kathy Jeanneault, owner of All Heart. “And, unfortunately, their family or loved ones don’t want it.”

Jeanneault urges pet owners to leave a note on their refrigerator that details what should happen to the pet if anything happens to them.

“If you have a pet, you need a plan for what will happen to your pet when you are gone,” she says. “People need to know.”

Jeanneault says suicide was the main reason for the increase in the number of pets in All Heart’s care.

Financial stress and people returning to work after the pandemic lockdown are also common reasons.

Many people who worked from home at the start of the pandemic thought it was a good idea to have a dog, but are reconsidering that decision now, Jeanneault says.

“People were bored and thought they had time,” she says. “I also know that there is a huge influx of people raising dogs because there has been a high demand. Now these breeders no longer take back these dogs.

A change in a family’s circumstances over time can also be a factor.

Johnny, for example, had his “forever home” after being adopted by All Heart in 2013. But the 10-year-old walking dog is back for adoption after being returned to the shelter a few weeks ago.

“Johnny wasn’t a good fit for his family anymore,” says Maddie Jeanneault, who works at All Heart. “He’s definitely a lovely boy. I became a little grayer, but still affectionate.

Maddie Jeanneault says the shelter normally sees an increase in disposals after Christmas rather than this time of year.


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