Festival food and patrons donate to Marshfield Area Animal Shelter

Donations remain local at the Marshfield Area Animal Shelter

Since 2008, Festival Foods’ Paw Away Hunger program has provided invaluable assistance to nonprofit animal shelters like Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS). Buyers donate by purchasing $ 5 and $ 10 donation cards at pet and canned vegetable aisles and at each front-end register, and all donations stay in the communities where they are collected.

“Helping the pet shelter is something that is close to our hearts here at the Festival,” said Marty Chy, manager of the Marshfield store. “It’s important for our associates and also for our guests. We are happy to help the shelter with the important work they do in our community.

Last week, the store donated a truck full of much-needed food and litter to the MAPS shelter, which currently cares for dozens of stray cats and dogs.

“As a community organization, we rely on the help of others and we are always grateful and inspired when people care about the work we do for homeless animals,” said Karen Rau, Executive Director of MAPS.

Rau added that fundraising is particularly useful as Festival Foods allows MAPS to request specific supplies based on current needs.

“The generosity of Festival Foods is another example of community support and for that we are eternally grateful to them and all of their customers who support their Paw Away Hunger program,” she said.

Festival Foods supports 35 animal organizations in Wisconsin and donated $ 73,179.80 in 2019. 100 percent of donations remain local to the community where donations were collected.

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