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To add a pet to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at (870) 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: (870) 481-5822
NCA Human Society: (870) 425-9221


  • On CR 69 in the Arkana area. Medium sized brindle female. No collar. No separate marks. Hanging out since 02/23. Call 870-491-5456 (2/25)
  • Highland Drive at Indian Creek Addition, a Husky, female, traditional coloring with blue eyes, no collar, no tag. She was running scared but she’s in their vault right now. Call 870-405-6020. (2/22)
  • Old Military Road about 1/2 mile from Bufford Road, tan and tan shorthaired male cat with tabby stripes, thicker stripes on tail, appears to be under 2 years old and is house trained about 8 lbs. Well behaved and gentle cat, you can tell that he has been well cared for. Dial 424-3330. (2/17)
  • On Main Street, a 20-pound tan pug with a black nose appears to be blind. Dial 404-8340. (2/5)
  • Superior Way in the Glenbriar Addition, blue and white male pit bull mix, 100lbs, very friendly. gray collar, no label. Call 870-424-3864 (01/31)


  • In Panther Bay Park. Male Hound Dog/Pit mix, very friendly, short-haired tan coloration with a dark pink noise. untagged leather collar and a female, Corgi/Shelty mix, light and dark tan coloring, long hair, fabric collar, no tags both went missing 02/28. Call 865-831-5893 (2/28)
  • Marshall AR. Male German Shepherd, 3 years old. Replies to “Padfoot”. Saddleback coat in black and beige. Black line on the tanned face. Tanned belly. Call 870-504-3203 (2/24)
  • Winchester Street in Flippin, known for traveling far and wide from home! Male beagle, 4 years old, beige with a white patch on his chest and a few white patches on his head and white on the tip of his tail. Wide camouflage collar — No tags or chips. Disappeared since Wednesday. Answers to the leader. Call (870) 841-0651 (2/21)
  • Buffalo City area, male, large gray tabby 28 lbs. no collar intact. Call 870-404-2423. (2/1)

Pets looking for a loving home or looking for pets

  • Mix of 2 German shepherds, about 2 years old, a female and a male from the same litter, the female is fixed the male is not fixed, both are very friendly, the female is very sweet and the male is very playful, it would be ideal to find a house together. Call (870) 656-9228 (1/25)


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