Furry friends, featuring Sean and Daniel from Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue!

Both puppies are energetic brothers! They are both looking for their forever home.

COLUMBIA, Pa. — If you’re looking for a pup (or maybe two?), we’ve got the perfect pair in this week’s Furry Friends.

Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue recently rescued puppies Sean and Daniel, who are looking for their forever home.

The dogs are 12-week-old dog mixes that traveled to Pennsylvania from the southern United States. Jordyn Murray currently hosts the two brothers in Columbia, Lancaster County.

“They’re the nicest boys ever,” Murray said. “They are so nice [and] docile and I just want to play all the time.”

Although the puppies are from the same litter, they certainly have different personalities. Daniel, with brown fur, has the most energy.

“He definitely has a little more guts in him,” Murray said. “He gets the zooms and he likes to go crazy.”

Sean, with his white fur, is a bit more laid back and shy.

Both like to be together but don’t need to be adopted at the same time. Murray thinks they would thrive in a home with another dog since both puppies get along well with their foster sister and human brother.

If you’re planning on getting a puppy, it’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

“I would expect sleepless nights, chewing, pottying inside and outside the house,” Murray told FOX43. “Corn [they’re] mostly like normal puppies.

Although their backgrounds are not completely known, rescuers believe the puppies will grow into medium-sized dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Sean or Daniel, head over to Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue website.

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