Headland Pet Rescue receives $ 1,000 donation

HEADLAND, Alabama (WTVY) – A local dog club makes sure no pets go without care by donating to a rescue group

The Southeast Alabama Kennel Club is known for its dog training and dog shows, the main purpose of which is to promote purebred dogs.

“Everything else is community involvement and the only way to get involved in some of these things is to donate to these places that help the pet population,” said Jimmy Chambers – president of the Kennel Club. southeastern Alabama.

Collecting donations through their annual dog shows.

“We mainly like to donate to shelters without killing due to the fact that they are trying to place animals in homes,” Chambers said.

The club donates to a number of organizations through the Wiregrass. Their last show gave them one of their biggest donations.

“The Southeast Alabama Kennel Club is here today to present a donation of $ 1,000.”

Adding CHARM to their list of beneficiaries, an animal rescue group that works alongside the Headland Animal Shelter.

“We sterilize, sterilize and vaccinate and once they have completed any medical interventions that might be needed, we start working on the adoption process,” said Teresa Jennings – Treasurer of CHARM.

The group is grateful for this donation. Money will go towards audit fees and other necessities.

“Of course we have to maintain that we have to feed them, so that goes for dog food and for cleaning products,” Jennings said.

CHARM and the Headland Animal Shelter say they are also looking for more dog food as well as cleaning supplies. Donations can be made to 200 W Industrial Drive, Headland, Alabama and monetary donations can be sent to CHARM at PO Box 216 Headland, AL. Donations can also be made by CHARM. website.

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