Heart and Soul Pet Rescue Finds Foster Homes for Nine Abandoned Puppies in Comanche County

FLETCHER, Okla. (KSWO) – A Fletcher animal rescue is busy finding homes for nine puppies after a couple abandoned them in a rural area of ​​Comanche County.

On Sunday evening, a witness saw a couple dump nine Labradors near Lake Ellsworth.

This anonymous person followed the vehicle and called the authorities.

Elgin Animal Control then asked Fletcher-based Heart and Soul Pet Rescue, Inc. to help find foster homes for the dogs.

Heart and Soul Pet Rescue, Inc. founder Connie Finch said they immediately sprang into action.

“They are beautiful little boys and girls,” Finch said. “There was no reason to dump those dogs. Where they dumped them was dark. It was freezing cold outside. They would have died in freezing weather or been killed by coyotes.

Finch recognized the puppies. The owner posted a message on Facebook, trying to sell them.

Finch and the woman even had a chat via Messenger.

The woman asked if Heart and Soul Pet Rescue, Inc. could take the puppies, but Finch told her the rescue was complete.

According to Finch, the biggest problem is that people don’t sterilize pets.

“It costs you $100, $150 if you go to the normal vet,” Finch said. “Call, get the information. Killing or just killing nine puppies because you don’t want the parents fixed, I’m sorry, that’s not acceptable.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley said with so many shelters and animal shelters in the area, there’s no reason to dump dogs.

“What people don’t understand is that when you dump these animals, first, it’s a pretty sorry person throwing away a puppy or a dog because they’re leaving them with nothing,” Stradley said. “We asked them to leave a bag of food for them, lying next to them.”

According to Stradley, an investigation is ongoing and charges could be brought for animal abandonment or cruelty against the people who left the dogs on a county road.

“We’re asking if you’re thinking of doing this, contact someone and have someone take your dogs or your cat,” Stradley said. “Don’t throw them here because if we find out who you are, we’ll come and talk to you and you could go to jail.”

The rescue is in need of donations, including medium-sized dog beds, puppy food, small Kong toys, and large puppy mats for potty training.

You can leave items at Happy Hollow Animal Hospital in Elgin, and they will receive Rescue Donations.

Beaux, the pup you saw in the story, is already promised a foster, but you can find out when the other eight are ready for adoption by checking Heart and Soul Pet Rescue Inc’s Facebook page.

You can also send a monetary donation via PayPal to [email protected]

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