Hillsborough County Pet Shelter Waives Adoption Fees for 100 Days in Honor of Betty White

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center

The Betty White Challenge will continue at Hillsborough Pet Resource Center. From now until May 11, adoption fees will be waived for dogs and cats seeking forever homes.

The adoption shelter was one of many across the country that participated in the Betty White Challenge after her death by donating to an animal shelter or rescue mission in her name. the

Hillsborough Pet Resource Center waived adoption fees for 100 dogs and cats in honor of the actress at the time.

“The move has been so successful in finding forever homes for the dogs and cats that the shelter will waive adoption fees for all dogs and cats for 100 days, beginning February 1,” according to a press release from the refuge.

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The refuge is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Dogs and cats at the shelter are microchipped, vaccinated, registered and neutered or neutered.

Fans, along with many organizations, paid tribute to the late actress and comedian on January 17 — what would have been her 100th birthday — by donating to an animal shelter or rescue mission in her name.

The movement, which has been dubbed the #BettyWhiteChallenge on social media, will pay tribute to White while helping animals in need. The challenge asks fans to choose a human societya local rescue or animal shelter in his memory and donate $5 in his name.

White was a lifelong animal lover who worked tirelessly to raise funds and support various causes. White death from natural causes on December 31 at age 99.

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