KC pet rescue nonprofits on tight leash due to inflation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Whether you have two legs or four, inflation has impacted the lives of Kansas City-area residents.

KSHB 41 News continues to examine how community members are adjusting to inflation, including nonprofits that rely on donations.

A local organization is now looking for a new home for 29 cats they can no longer house.

“We’ve been here for seven years in this space and it’s been a great space for us. We have the rooms we need and everything has gone very well,” said Elaine Doran, Founder and Director of Purrfect Pets.

Purrfects pets and the more than two dozen cats they house lack time to find new homes.

“We thought we had until the end of June, but found out two weeks ago that we had to move by the end of May or leave this place. This gave us a big dilemma because we have 29 cats to place,” Doran said.

Purrfect Pets tells us that this move was part of their rental agreement with Oak Park Mall. The nonprofit also tells KSHB 41 News that Oak Park Mall has been helpful in the relocation process, including moving them to a new space inside the mall.

But with the wheels turning fast and a new tenant preparing to move in soon, the cost of food and care is getting more expensive. Even though Purrfect Pets is working hard to find forever and forever homes for these cats.

“We’re a very small nonprofit and we have to build this space that’s going to cost us a lot,” Doran said. “The number of adoptions is down this year, about 36% from last year. We’re a small organization that picks up our chats, and we get feedback with financial situations with people.

KC Pet Project says they too feel the financial impact with the cats, dogs and other animals they take in.

“Including pet food and supplies, if you go to stores right now, a lot of shelves are empty due to supply chain issues, and we’re struggling to get simple things here like treats and food,” said Tori Fugate, communications. officer for KC Pet Project.

Fugate says as food and care costs continue to rise, owners are no longer able to care for their pets.

“There’s not enough affordable housing for people with pets, especially big dogs, so every time we have people coming in and telling us they have to abandon their pet at the shelter, a large part of that is because 40% of all dogs coming in right now that are being returned by their owners are here because of accommodation they can’t afford.”

Despite setbacks, KC Pet Project and Purrfect Pets are doing everything they can to ensure these good boys and girls have loving homes.

“Frankly, it’s a crisis we’re living here with all these animals coming in. We can’t say we’re full at any time, but we still need more foster homes and more people coming. adopt,” Fugate said. mentioned.

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