Kildare Pet Rescue: Meet Clark, our 2021 little superhero

Of the 253 dogs the KWWSPCA has taken care of this year, one stands out and that’s Clark, an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier who was found by the side of the road in April.

The person who discovered it was out for a walk and initially thought that this little furry creature was a rabbit. His matted coat prevented him from walking properly and he could not move his hind legs.

The vet treated him for infections in his eyes, ears and lungs. He also suffered from kidney failure. With excellent medical treatment and a lot of care, he began to recover.

We named him Clark after Clark Kent because he really is a little Superman. He’s probably 14 or 15 years old.

Once fully recovered, he went to live in a foster home where he is the heart of a loving family. He enjoys walking around the kitchen and the garden all day with his two best friends Toni the cat and a cute collie called Ellie. They both watch over him as he walks. He is a remarkable little hero and he is now enjoying every day of his life.

Thank you

In addition to the dogs, we have welcomed 260 cats, so it has been a busy year. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported KWWSPCA this year through donations, attending our events or supporting Noah’s Ark, our charity shop in Newbridge.

We will continue to raise awareness of the importance of animal welfare in the community and provide care and kindness to every animal that enters our shelter.

All our volunteers at the refuge and at Noah’s Ark thank you very much for your support and we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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