King’s Harvest Pet Rescue Halves Adoption Fee As Ida’s Evacuated Animals Expected To Arrive This Week


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – As the recovery process begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, animal shelters near the Gulf will create a chain reaction across the country. Shelters damaged or affected by the storm will evacuate their animals for refuge across the United States, and the shelters will send their animals as the groups try to adapt.

King’s Harvest Pet Rescue is expected to bring in new animals this week that had been displaced by the storm. Due to the sudden increase, the shelter is halving its adult animal adoption fee through Wednesday to adopt current animals to make room for new animals.

With the connection cut for now due to storm damage, the biggest challenge for KHPR director Elizabeth Corn is not knowing how many animals will show up.

“All we can take at this point will be, if they bring two vans, we will take two vans, if we need to put in more cages, we definitely will,” said Corn.

Corn also includes the devastation the south is going through, having lived in Louisiana for 15 years.

“I lived there for a while and unfortunately I was there for it (Hurricane Katrina) and it was not good and I got in touch with my friends who are still there and they say so far where it’s hit it’s bad enough, “Corn said,” Hurricanes aren’t a joke, when we had the derecho here last year and it was really bad and i was like “it’s similar, it’s very similar.”

Corn said it was not the first time shelters have brought in new animals due to natural disasters.

“We had a bunch of dogs with Katrina when it happened 16 years ago, with the Texas flooding not too long ago, we had a bunch of dogs from other shelters as well,” Corn said.

Now the goal is to get the animals adopted and make room.

“At this point, since this is an emergency, we’ll probably take whatever they send us,” Corn said.

To learn more about adoption, call 563-386-3117, visit, or visit their refuge at 2504 West Central Park Ave in Davenport from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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