Lowcountry Pet Shelter Temporarily Closes Due to COVID-19

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A wave of COVID-19 infections among staff has forced the temporary closure of a pet adoption center without killing James Island.

Pet Helpers’ director of operations Katie Leasure said more than half of the shelter’s staff are currently out of work due to illness.

While the group still welcomes stray animals and sees people with previous dates, they are unable to accommodate new pets from other rescues.

“Because we’re trying to limit interactions, we just shut down adoptions,” Leasure said. “What we always offer at the community level would be our food bank. So if you are already registered with the food bank, we are certainly able to provide food for your animals. Strays, we’re still taking care of this. We’re always here to answer questions, whatever happens like that.

Leasure says their sterilization and sterilization clinic is also closed.

She says they need help finding people to welcome animals.

Pet Helpers primarily house dogs and cats, but Leasure says they have a greater need for dog foster homes.

When you take in Pet Helpers, they cover medical bills, food, blankets, and crates while you temporarily give the animals a home.

They have about 50 or 60 animals that currently need to be fostered or adopted.

“I hope to be back soon,” Leasure said. “It’s definitely an important part of the community, I think. Giving people a resource and of course finding homes for these guys which is vital and this is why we are here and so I really hope to get back to work soon.

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