Martinsville Animal Rescue Seeking Foster Families

Foster Family Rescue needs volunteers to help care for more animals.

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — The Sanders family loves their dogs. They jokingly refer to themselves as failed foster parents because they ended up adopting Aires and Nova while adopting them.

But Samantha Sanders said it’s also what led them to open their own shelter, called Little Rascals Pet Rescue in Martinsville.

“Morgan County has a great rescue system, between several local rescues, and then our Humane Society. And we just wanted to contribute to that and really try to make a difference here in town,” Samantha said.

Since 2019, Little Rascals has welcomed more than 150 dogs, a few dozen cats, and even a guinea pig and a rabbit. Most of the animals are owner abandonments.

Samantha said when she started the rescue there were only three volunteers. Now his extended family has become a big help in his efforts. They also receive a lot of support from local businesses and volunteers who help with the animals and donations to keep the rescue going.

The organization works with several local businesses that provide free services such as medical care and training. But the only way to save more animals is to have more foster families.

Dustin Sanders said foster families are the most critical part of rescue operations.

“Foster homes are probably the hardest thing to find and for us, being foster homes based, we can’t save an animal if we don’t have a foster home for them,” said Dustin. “We can only have so many dogs in our house at a time, but it’s one of those (things where) if we can find foster families, we can help more animals. “

Little Rascals was lucky during the pandemic to have more host families, but now they are seeing those volunteers drain again. The goal is to get more volunteers, more foster families and more money raised to help animals in need. To contact Little Rascals about the promotion, call 574-354-2191, email [email protected]

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