Minot Pet Shelter Saves Dogs From Oklahoma Kill Shelter

Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot made a big announcement on its Facebook page this week. People who work at / with the shelter have come together to save a group of shelter dogs from death.

Last Saturday, the staff, volunteers, foster families and the board of directors of the Souris Valley Animal Shelter came together for an incredible rescue. The team of 68 volunteers and seven staff members helped rescue 40 dogs from a slaughter shelter in Oklahoma. The rescued animals were all transported to the shelter where the two-person vet team performed exams and more for the dogs. After that, ALL dogs brought in were taken to their foster homes.

Learn more about the heroes of Mouse Valley Animal Shelter below:

Although I bought my dog ​​from a reputable breeder in North Dakota, I adopted my cat from a shelter. From day one with my sweet cat, I wanted to adopt and love more shelter animals. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, so I’m not really able to have a lot of pets. But I encourage anyone who wants a companion to consider adoption.

If you are looking to add a new furry family member to your loving household, you may consider adopting one of the 40 dogs brought to North Dakota from the Oklahoma Slaughterhouse Shelter. Seriously, if I lived in a house and didn’t have to worry about the restrictions imposed by pet owners, I would have plenty of rescue pets.

Have you ever rescued a shelter animal?

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