Mississippi has one of worst pet shelter save rates: study

A new study shows that Mississippi has one of the worst rates of pet shelter rescues in the nation.

According to Best Friends Friends Animal Society, which received data from more than half of the state’s animal shelters, Mississippi has an overall savings rate of 72.7 percent. This means that 27.3% of cats and dogs taken to shelters in Mississippi in 2021 ended up dying.

“We have 33 shelters and organizations in Mississippi out of 57 reporting data,” explained Lisa Barrett, senior strategist at Best Friends. “We show that 47,493 were saved out of the 65,351 who entered these organizations and that 11,983 were killed.”

With the intent of the study to show how many animals are killed in shelters simply due to a lack of space, Best Friends also found that 20 of Mississippi’s 57 shelters are considered “unkilled” with a backup rate of 90% or more. The remaining 10% give way to “irreparable medical or behavioral problems that compromise their quality of life and prevent them from being relocated”.

When it comes to available solutions to the Mississippi pet shelter problem, Barrett guarantees that neutering, neutering, and vaccinating your pets is the number one solution. Solution number two — especially for those who don’t own pets but still want to help — is to volunteer at your local pet shelter.

“The most important thing is to neuter and neuter your pets, vaccinate them against parvovirus, distemper, rabies, heartworms, whatever,” she said. “Then the other thing is to get involved in your local shelters, foster, adopt, volunteer, help move these animals out of the shelters where they are killed and give them positive results. .”

The only states with lower savings rates than Mississippi are California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Louisiana. To read the full Best Friends study, Click here.

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