Naperville ADOPT Animal Shelter New Kennels Make Dogs Happier


Thanks to the generosity of the Susan J. Stamler Estate and grants from the DuPage Foundation and the Wanda Muntwyler Foundation, the dogs at ADOPT Pet Shelter in Naperville get a much better place to rest while they wait for their forever home. .

Traditional kennels can be noisy and stressful for dogs, and the more modern designs recently installed by the shelter provide much needed privacy and noise reduction.

While ADOPT had long wanted to update their kennels, this expensive renovation was just a dream until funds from the Susan J. Stamler Estate, the DuPage Foundation and the Wanda Muntwyler Foundation enabled them to make those dreams come true.

ADOPT always hopes their pets will find their new home quickly, but having the best temporary home possible is essential. When dogs are relaxed and at ease, they can be at their best when meeting potential families, increasing their chances of being adopted.

Chris Stirn, executive director of the shelter, says the dogs at the shelter have already moved in and are more than happy with their new digs!

Although ADOPT is still limiting visitors to shelters due to COVID restrictions, they hope they can invite people to visit the updated kennels later this year.

Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment (ADOPT.) Is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that has found homes for more than 20,000 pets. It provides a temporary and loving home for dogs and cats who no longer have a family of their own.

ADOPT Pet Shelter is located at 420 Industrial Drive, Naperville IL 60563.

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