Nebraska pet rescue in ongoing dispute with authorities after records seized

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An animal rescue is in dispute with state and local authorities over the number of dogs obtained from a Nebraska breeder.

The question is whether they were legally saved or stolen. It’s a surprise twist from an ongoing investigation by 6 News.

Grants Wishes volunteers claim they did not intentionally violate the wishes of Madison County authorities by pursuing a miniature Aussie female and six puppies.

“The rescue didn’t knowingly do anything illegal, these dogs were in desperate need of care,” said Kathy Robinson.

But deputies served a search warrant on the rescue and deputies seized records as part of a theft investigation.

“My heart was in the right place trying to save these dogs and providing them with veterinary care, but they completely turned it around and now they’re coming back and serving warrants and asking for all the evidence for everything,” Rae Tuff said.

Flying High Aussies owner Megan Mahlin says up to 18 dogs have been stolen, but Grants Wishes has receipts proving the nonprofit purchased the dogs and removed them from poor living conditions.

“They prove that she received money for the dogs. They weren’t caught,” Robinson said.

But the Department of Nebraska AG says Grants Wishes is not in compliance with its state license by transporting stolen dogs and until those dogs are turned over to Madison County, a stop movement order remains. on pet rescue.

Nine eight-week-old Australian puppies, they have collars and names ready for a new home. But because of this ongoing dispute, they cannot be adopted.

“I have to keep them here until the GA Department decides to lift their order,” Tuff said.

Although Grants Wishes Rescue cannot take out pets, volunteers do require that they retrieve one.

Dolly, the mother dog pulled out of misery by the rescue and in need of more than $1,000 in veterinary care, was later seized by Madison County while the investigation continues into whether she and others dogs were stolen or rescued.

“I shouldn’t be the one under investigation because I went to answer the call to save these dogs,” Tuff said.

Lawyer for Grants Wishes pet rescue says there was never any intention to steal dogs, only to save them from inhumane conditions.

Attorney Jerry Katskee said legal efforts will continue to have the state’s stop motion order lifted.

The Madison County prosecutor did not respond to our messages for comment.

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