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Syracuse nonprofit helps animals through adoption, education and more

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Cindy Brady of New Hope Pet Rescue in Syracuse, Indiana explains that the pet rescue organization was created in response to the overwhelming number of unwanted and abandoned pets in the Syracuse area.

“We work in conjunction with local animal shelters and veterinarians,” says Brady. “We are dedicated to rescuing and adopting stray, abandoned, abused and abandoned animals, and placing them into loving, forever homes. In the meantime, we provide proper foster and vet care, proper nutrition, and give them lots of love.

Brady says all the animals in their care are treated the same.

“They are neutered or neutered and given all vital or necessary medical care,” Brady says.

New Hope Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization.

“All monetary donations may be tax deductible,” says Brady. “Our greatest need is for monetary donations. We are funded by donations, sponsorships, grants and fees. Due to our size, it can be difficult for us to receive grants as we compete with organizations such as the major animal welfare leagues. We receive no funding from government sources.

Brady notes that the pet overpopulation problem is getting worse.

“New Hope Pet Rescue’s mission is to fight pet overpopulation by spaying, adopting and training them,” says Brady.

New Hope Pet Rescue has kept its doors open with the help of its many volunteers and donors.

New Hope Pet Rescue

“Donors and volunteers are essential to the work done at New Hope Pet Rescue,” says Brady. “There are a minimum of 21 shifts that are covered by volunteers every week at the rescue. Volunteers are needed to transport animals to medical appointments and feed cats and dogs. They also let the dogs out in the evening, do housework, participate in special events and special projects, and work on adoptions and fundraising.

Brady says without funding, they couldn’t keep the doors open.

“All donations can be tax deductible,” she says. “Cash donations are our greatest need. Our expenses include food, bedding, neutering and neutering fees, medical expenses such as dental care, respiratory infections, medications and vaccinations, in addition to facility fees. Monetary donations can be made via PayPal, Facebook or by mail.

New Hope Pet Rescue has bigger projects they would like to do. The projects would help improve the facility for the care of their animals.

“These projects include epoxy floors, industrial-size washers and dryers, security upgrades and more,” says Brady.

That’s where donations really help, according to Brady.

“We have a lot more expenses than we are covered by adoption fees,” she says. “We want our adoption fees to remain reasonable because we want all of our animals to be able to be placed in loving, forever homes.”

Homes are also needed for dogs and kittens. New Hope Pet Rescue

“We are limited in the number of dogs and cats we can foster without the help of our foster families,” says Brady.

New Hope Pet Rescue also has an Amazon Wish List where people can find the items they need during the rescue.

“Choosing New Hope Pet Rescue as your Amazon Smile charity is another great way to help out,” says Brady.

When animals are welcomed into New Hope Pet Rescue, all animals are microchipped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for fleas.

“Our pets can also be found through Petfinder,” says Brady. “Facebook is also one of the best places to stay in touch with what’s going on at New Hope Pet Rescue.”

Brady adds that the organization has been helping animals since its inception in 1994.

“We’ve been in our current building since 2016,” she says. “Our building has a cat room, with six large kennels that house an average of six to eight cats each. We have a kitten room, a 10-cage isolation room for cats requiring medical attention, and two kennels for dogs.

Adoption fees are very reasonable according to Brady.

“Fees are $85 for kittens under 9 months old, $45 for kittens 9 months to 2 years old, and $25 for cats over 2 years old,” she says. “The typical cost for dogs is $225.”

Brady says New Hope Pet Rescue also works closely with the new Kosciusko County Trap Neuter Return program to help reduce the number of feral cats in the community.

New Hope Pet Rescue is located at 72555 County Road 29 in Syracuse, Indiana. For more information, call 574-528-0263.

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