New Pet Rescue and Grooming Business Comes to Parks Township

Amber Sowers said her longtime love of animals prompted her to start her own dog grooming and animal rescue business.

“As long as I save animals, that’s all I care about,” said Amber Sowers, a veterinary technician at the Golden Mile Animal Clinic who plans to open a grand opening for her business, Champion’s Crusaiders in Parks Township, September 12. .

This is the last chapter in his long history of working with animals. Despite being a vet tech most of the time, Sowers started Charlee Jai Pet Salon in June, visiting clients on her days off to provide grooming services. She had previously worked for a year and a half at Vandergrift’s non-profit dog rescue, Tiny Cause, where Sowers said she had built up a solid following.

For sowers, the grooming aspect of animal care has always provided some relief from the more difficult responsibilities of veterinary work.

“In animal medicine you have a lot of sick animals and they can’t tell you what’s wrong,” she said.

After a while, this can take a heavy toll on the technicians. Every euthanized animal feels like it’s losing one of your own, Sowers said. Grooming helps her work with animals and avoid feelings of “compassion fatigue”.

Sowers said she wanted to combine her experiences and vast knowledge in medicine and pet grooming, which led her to research a physical location and launch Champion’s Crusaiders as a rescue. Champion’s Crusaiders and Charlee Jai Pet Salon, although separate businesses, will both be housed in the Rescue Building on River Road, which has a mailing address in Vandergrift.

Sowers said she wanted to create a safe place where people can drop off animals they can’t care for, ask questions and find animal care information.

“I just want the people in the area to have this resource,” Sowers said. “My only concern is for the animals. “

Every animal that goes through the rescue will receive vaccines and will be spayed or neutered if it is the right age.

It’s a sentimental project for Sowers. The names of both companies were derived from pets that Sowers or his family lost in his lifetime (a dog, a champion, and cats Crusaider and Charlee Jai). Even the building, Sowers said, is significant. Her aunt – who she says inspired her early love of animals – worked as a vet at the same location.

Champion’s Crusaiders will have a grand opening from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on September 12 at 2687 River Road. Food will be served and Sowers will provide free nail clippings for any pets the owner brings them.

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