Oklahoma Pet Rescue struggling with its transport van – 102.3 KRMG

TULSA, Okla. –An Oklahoma rescue is in financial trouble after their transport van breaks down.

The Oklahoma Pet Collective is a non-profit animal rescue organization that helps pets that are strays, surrender or are on the euthanasia list. The rescue team uses their transport van to send pets up north to shelters that have space.

But the organization’s van recently broke down in Iowa, a few hours drive from its destination. Two drivers and about twenty dogs are stranded.

Now the rescue is struggling to get the van home and fix it.

“It’s very devastating. It is defeated. You try not to let it get you down,” said Colleen Gable, vice president of the Oklahoma Pet Collective. “You try to look for other ways to get the resources you need to try and keep doing what you’re doing, but it’s hard when finances hold us back.”

The organization needs the van to free up space at their shelter in Tulsa. Without the van to transport the dogs, they can’t do this.

“Lives are going to be lost,” Gable said. “There’s no getting around it. If we can’t free up the space we currently have, healthy dogs are going to be asleep.

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