On the wall for pet shelter needs

By Vicki Brown

Members of the Colleton County High School Student Council recently held a duct tape fundraiser for the Colleton County Animal Shelter that raised $1,000.

Fundraising was a competition between the administration and the teachers.

Students were allowed to put money in any teacher/administration jar they wanted. The teacher and administrator with the most money were to be taped to a wall at Colleton County High School.

On Thursday, March 17, teacher Ryan Pearson and principal Maurice Cannon found themselves firmly taped to the school wall. Heather Mushrush, the student council’s sponsoring teacher, said she was pleased with the donation made and the students’ efforts to help the local animal shelter.

“It was for the animal shelter, and the students had fun too,” Mushrush said.

Cannon acted like he wasn’t thrilled to be taped to the school wall, but then laughed at the fundraiser.

“I don’t really appreciate that. How did I end up raising the most money,” he laughed. “But I really didn’t mind participating, and it’s for a good cause. I hope this teaches students how important it is to give to important causes, and the animal shelter is great.

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