Orange County Pet Rescue fed up after ‘Cat in Box’ was found tied up in a pillowcase – Orlando Sentinel

Orange County Animal Services wants people to stop leaving cats on their doorsteps.

The organization said it was the third time it had found a cat on its doorstep in less than a month, according to a Thursday Facebook post.

They wrote the post after finding a kitten they named Conroy in a tied pillowcase and placed it in a box with a “Cat in Box” label. The organization does not know how long Conroy was there before an employee found out. The kitten was “understandably upset and terrified” after sitting outside all night during a storm. “No matter what we say, it just keeps happening,” the post said.

Animal service officials are supportive of the idea that people are busy or that people might be desperate. However, they believe that these reasons are excuses. They ask the community to be more considerate because “to abandon an animal like this, especially babies, is an act of cruelty”.

The Facebook post, anticipating criticism, noted that “of course” they should have cameras or kennels for nighttime drops. They reminded everyone that officers are on the road 24 hours a day and residents can call 311 for service. But the message reiterated “throwing an animal, tying one to our fences, untying one in our parking lot; these are all inhumane acts.

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