Palomino Valley Pet Rescue saves dog’s life


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – Appearances can be deceptive, especially when looking at a dog named Franklin.

“He turned out to be like the best dog we’ve ever had. He is sweet. Super super sweet, ”said Karen Smith, who adopted Franklin with her husband Michael.

“He loves to play seek. He loves going into the pool, ”said Megan Zingo, Real World Canine employee.

“He’s very friendly. A very happy guy. He’s very active,” said Brandisrose Hughes, employee of Real World Canine.

The life Franklin enjoys today was almost taken from him even before he was born.

“We had his mom. She actually had to be euthanized while she was pregnant, ”said Terri Braunworth, Founder and Director of Palomino Valley Pet Rescue.

Franklin’s mother is Luna.

Braunworth rescued her from the animal shelter in Merced County, California.

“We welcomed her. We had her for about four days and the puppies were born. About two and a half weeks in Franklin stopped eating. He was almost lifeless. I didn’t think he was going to make it. He just wasn’t doing anything. He ended up needing a blood transfusion which actually helped save his life, ”Braunworth said.

He spent a week in the animal hospital. Vitamins and antibiotics helped her young body recover.

Then he went home with Terri.

“He slept with me. He went everywhere with me, ”Braunworth.

“Why did you take your time, energy and money to help this puppy?” Frankly, most people probably would have let him die, ”said Noah Bond, presenter of KOLO 8 Evening.

“Because he deserves a chance. I believe they all deserve a chance,” Braunworth.

At four months, Franklin was finally ready for adoption.

Michael Smith spoke to Braunworth at one of his immunization clinics.

“Terri was there and she started showing him pictures of Franklin as a little baby and how difficult his life had been, but he’s on the mend,” Michael’s wife said, Karen.

“When Michael got home he said, ‘There is a puppy at Palomino Valley Pet Rescue. We have to have it, ”Karen.

They decided to adopt because of their confidence in Palomino Valley Pet Rescue, but more specifically in Braunworth.

“They’ve got everything down there. She (Braunworth) is also very caring and professional about it. We knew she would be involved if we ever needed her for anything, ”Karen.

“Franklin had problems. Had medical problems. Everything thought he was not going to live, ”Michael.

To further rehabilitate and socialize him, the Smiths took Franklin to Real World Canine at 1355 McCarran Boulevard North in Reno.

She has been taught to interact with other dogs, react to people, and even swim.

“When he first went in the water he was very confused at first, but once we got him moving and put a leash on him, one of our lifeguards took him out in a few circles, he did a great job, he went to the water as you can see now, water and swimming is one of his favorite activities here, ”Siad Zingo.

“He came out of it. His heart is fine. He no longer has a heart problem. His blood is working very well. You can see his energy level, ”Karen said.

“When you see him play like that today, what is on your mind?” »Bind.

“Love it. It brings tears to my eyes,” Braunworth said.

Palomino Valley Pet Rescue pairs pets with loving families.

He’s even willing to try and match you with whatever breed of dog you want.

You can find out more about Palomino Valley Pet Rescue by calling (775) 358-5527.

You can find out more about Real World Canine by calling (775) 870-3130.

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