Pawprints marks final milestone in new pet shelter construction project

CAP GIRARDEAU, Missouri (KFVS) – Fresh concrete was poured Monday morning at the construction site of the new Humane Society of Southeast Missouri building in Cape Girardeau.

Tank, a dog who is currently looking for his forever home, left his approval at work by leaving his paw prints in the new concrete slab.

“Every time we’ve poured concrete, we like to have little paw prints,” said Tracy Poston, executive director of the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. “The concrete guys are like ‘you sure don’t want to do that with the fresh concrete’ and we say ‘no, we do.’ Because that’s what it is. Our ability to save more lives and do more for the community and have their paw prints, they’re a part of it and that’s why we’re here, so it makes sense that they’re included in the building pieces.

Tank, a dog who is currently looking for his forever home, was able to put his paws in freshly poured concrete at the construction site of the new Humane Society Southeast Missouri in Cape Girardeau.(Source: KFVS / Jordin Wyatt)

While the parking lot was pouring out, the air conditioning was on.

Financial support for the new shelter is still needed.

The Humane Society was able to obtain a bank loan to allow the continued construction of the new building.

The shelter now hopes that the community will repay them soon, so that they are not in debt.

According to Poston, they still need around $ 1,000,000.

The Humane Society will be holding its third annual pet show and fall festival in September to help with fundraising.

This is the first fundraising event since the pandemic.

There will be indoor and outdoor events so that all participants can feel safe and welcome.

The Humane Society hopes to be able to open its new facilities in the fall.

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