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Save the sweet Pixie!!

Over the past few weeks, you’re probably wondering what happened to some of the dogs and cats we had in the paper. Our thoughts have been with the pets we rescue and if another rescue decides to take them, we’re okay. We are a rescue of last resort, which means we will take a dog when no one else shows up. This is the case of Pixie who stayed at the Shelter for more than a month after being on the streets. She is eight years old and we have been monitoring her for a few weeks, but unfortunately, with her medical issues, no one has come forward. So last Friday we did. At 5:45 p.m. before her deadline, we decided to take her. We are very careful where the dog goes and want to make sure we always have a plan B in place. Believe me, coordinating transportation and hospitality isn’t the easiest thing to do. We had a few people interested and everything was settled until we found out that the dog was actually going to a family with young children. So we decided with plan B which involves an older gentleman who had called earlier and really wanted to help. Pixie was going to be transported from West Palm Beach to Bradenton last Saturday and Rob was going to meet his new dog just like that. We were informed that Pixie had been in pain for some time and would not be well if stroked on the back. It got a little tense for a few minutes as she had to be carried in a crate and taken to a house she didn’t know. That’s what I call a “crazy rescue”!! It’s crazy, but when it’s done you congratulate yourself and think “We did it, so proud of everyone involved who made a difference”.

The report for Pixie was great. I spoke to the foster dad (hopefully soon to be adopting) and went to the vet and found out it wasn’t so bad after all. The weight should come off for sure. The stress at the shelter was so high that this poor girl reacted badly. She was lucky for sure!!!!

Help the Moon!

As you know, over the years we have taken on some pretty desperate cases. We love subdogs. Moon is less than a year old and was found on the street. He is so scared that he is shaking. It will take him a few weeks to come back and know he is safe. He is placed with other dogs and as I said to Catherine the adoptive mother: let the dogs do their job. They will help him come and it’s so awesome to watch. Moon weighs 26 pounds and looks adorable with her white spots on that chest. Unfortunately, Moon had an accident or was born with a deformity. One of his paws is in poor condition and we will need to have him checked out by an orthopedic vet and see what can be done to make him more comfortable and have an opinion on what needs to be done. He is so nice.. if you would like more information about Moon, please contact Isabelle at 239-281-0739


Today is the day, I just know if someone who loves old dogs will come and take me home” Will it be you or God?

Lonnie is a very sweet eldest daughter (12 years old) of 53 pounds who would like to land in a sweet home. If you are interested in helping a lost soul, please contact Isabelle at 239-281-0739.

We are happy to report that Oreo was at the vet last week and received all the shots and medications he needed for his seizure. Will keep you informed of its progress. He’s a good little boy. Will soon be neutered.

Mango time!!!!!!

At this time of year we have plenty of mangoes and will be canning them for our famous jam and chutney which will benefit the rescue. If you would like to help and cut some mangoes and eat some as well, please contact Isabelle at 239-281-0739, even if it’s just a bag, that would be fantastic. Thanks very much


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Please remember we are looking for help feeding the abandoned cats on Ft MYERS BEACH. If you can help, please call Joann at 239-851-3485

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