Pet Rescue Launches Reception Program for Older Pets | Local news


WOOF Pet Rescue in Woodward recently launched a new program to match older cats and dogs in need of loving homes.

“WOOF is looking for people over the age of 65 who are looking for a pet, but whose finances will not be enough to own a pet,” said Misty Hackley, vice president of WOOF. “An older, healthy dog ​​or cat could join a retirement home as a permanent foster family. Each animal will be sterilized and up to date on all vaccines.

“WOOF would retain the property and pay for all food, bedding and vet visits. This arrangement is a win-win for cats and dogs unlikely to be adopted due to their age, and for seniors who wish to enjoy the companionship of a pet at no cost.

Seniors interested in becoming a foster pet parent can contact WOOF staff for more information and to select the right pet for each one. Applicants will be interviewed and homes / yards inspected, just like for WOOF pet adoption. The shelter staff / volunteer phone numbers are 580-303-7700 or 580-334-6039. You can see which animals are in need of adoption or placement by visiting the Facebook page – WOOF Pet Rescue or in person at the Woodward Shelter.

Potential foster parents living outside of Woodward will need their own transportation to secure the pet, food and supplies, and any vet visits. Pets, pet supplies, and veterinary services cannot be delivered to out-of-town residents.

Another advantage of welcoming a pet is the possibility of keeping the animal in boarding when a foster parent will be out of town or unable to take care of the dog or cat for a while. a day or more. WOOF provides this boarding service free of charge for animals whose foster parents are unable to take care of them in the long or short term. The foster animal can be returned to the shelter at any time.

Since WOOF Pet Rescue Society Inc. is a non-profit organization, it relies on donations to cover operating experiences such as shelter maintenance, utilities, sanitation, pet food from companion, pet supplies and veterinary expenses. He also relies on volunteers to run the shelter and take care of the pets. It is run 100 percent by volunteers.

Anyone, club, organization, church, school, or business wishing to help can do so in a variety of ways, from cash and donated dog or cat food, to volunteering at the shelter or hosting a pet.


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