Pet Rescue offers the “Rent-A-Pet” program during the pandemic

AUSTIN, Texas — Some families housed together are using their free time to try to own a pet.

This is a new program from Carly’s Critter Camp, an animal sanctuary in Austin that offers families the opportunity to “rent” rescued animals as pets. It’s their way of giving people a chance to try getting a pet before committing.

“It’s kind of a good way to ease our path to another pet or get something different for her instead of our other dogs,” said Eloisa Zamora, a mother who rented a turtle. company for his daughter.

The idea has been in the works for some time according to animal sanctuary owner Carly Henry. She said the COVID-19 pandemic prompted her to start the program as a different way to support her business. Through the program, budding pet owners pay Henry to temporarily take the animals away from him.

“I still have 120 rescue animals that I have to feed and property that I have to pay for,” Henry said. “So I had been thinking about renting a pet for a while, but I thought now was the perfect time.”

Henry said she’s glad programs like these help bring attention to her work in pet rescue and rehabilitation. She hopes renting these pets and spreading the word will lead to more adoptions.

“Rescuing, rehabilitating and adopting animals has brought me more joy than anything in my life,” Henry said. “I hope people will take inspiration from it to save animals of all shapes and sizes.”

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