Raccoon River Pet Rescue Reaches Agreement With Town Of Perry


Lexi Linton, Raccoon River Animal Rescue Manager, said the agreement with the Town of Perry brings welcome clarity and stability to the rescue facility.

Raccoon River Pet Rescue Board members, left to right, greeted visitors to the February 2020 pet shower, Joelle Miner, Sheri Luett, Larry Meachum, Janelle Repp, Jill Brosnahan, Joyce Conklin -VanKirk and Brent Halling.

After months of negotiations, the Town of Perry reached an agreement with Raccoon River Pet Rescue in Perry and AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport in De Soto for adoption services for stray dogs and cats taken free in Perry.

Perry City Council is expected to approve the agreements at the regular Monday night meeting at 6 p.m. in the Towncraft building at 1124 Willis Ave.

Lexi Linton, director of Raccoon River Pet Rescue (RRPR), said the city will continue to house the stray animals for seven days after they are captured in the Perry Animal Holding Facility and then they will come to the RRPR if they are not. claimed by their owners.

Perry and De Soto facilities will receive $ 50 for each pet admitted. AHeinz57 has provided adoption services to the City of Perry since the dissolution of the Humane Society of Perry in July 2018.

Perry’s facility at 14360 Ivy Place is a deathless shelter, according to the deal. The RRPR offers pending adoptions, and residents of Perry can donate animals to the RRPR for a fee of $ 50. For details on adoptions, call 515-465-1800.

Linton said the RRPR is currently home to some 27 cats and four dogs. The rescue includes 40 “cat condominiums” and 15 dog kennels, each with a self-contained outdoor dog enclosure. There are also separate quarters for dog and cat quarantines and a room dedicated to nightly drop-offs.

Volunteers are still needed, said Linton, who led the RRPR a month after moving to Perry from Las Vegas in June. The current volunteer staff of 10 choose morning or evening shifts, she said. One hour of training is enough to get new volunteers up and running, and a few weeks of observation from a veteran volunteer completes the process.

“Perry has been a great community so far,” Linton said. “We have received wonderful donations of food and supplies, and the volunteers are so enthusiastic.”

She said the additional cleaning protocols that came with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic were just one more step in what was already a very clean facility. Visitors are requested to wear face masks and volunteers mask themselves when working in teams.

The RRPR’s clinical and surgical facilities provide sterilization and sterilization services, and there are also laundry, bathing and other support services for four-legged residents and two-legged staff.

The $ 2.25 million project was largely funded by Joyce Conklin VanKirk, who shared with her late husband, Dallas “Pete” VanKirk, a boundless love for animals. Large private donations also came from the Raccoon Valley Bank, the Bock Family Foundation and the 100+ People for Perry group.

Raccoon River Pet Rescue was incorporated as a non-profit in 2018 and annexed to the town of Perry in 2019. A groundbreaking ceremony at the new facility was held on May 16, 2019 and an open house was held on May 16, 2019. took place in February 2020.


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