Raccoon River Pet Rescue Thanks Dallas County Foundation for Grant

Celebrating the new roof of the dog enclosure at the Raccoon River Pet Rescue (RRPR) on Tuesday, left to right Dallas County Foundation (DCF) members Tiawny Meyers, Rebecca Hillmer, Vicky Lage and Sara Martin, Eric Vaughn, RRPR Board Member, DCF Member Diane Findlay, RRPR Board Member Jill Brosnahan, DCF Members Chris Brocka and Butch Niebuhr, RRPR Board Members Larry Meacham and Janel Repp, DCF Member Jeff Harder, RRPR board members Joyce VanKirk, Brent Halling and Joelle Miner and RRPR shelter manager Renee Clark with Axle the happy terrier. RRPR board members Sherri Luett and John Andorf are not represented. Photo courtesy RRPR

In April, the Dallas County Foundation (DCF) awarded a $6,388.38 grant to Raccoon River Pet Rescue (RRPR) in Perry to help build a roof over their outdoor dog enclosures. On Tuesday, RRPR board members hosted a thank you event for DCF board members, including a tour of the shelter with a special focus on the new roof their generosity made possible.

“We knew shortly after our building was constructed that we were going to need a roof over our dog parks,” said RRPR board member Joelle Miner. “We tried to improvise with tarpaulins to protect against the sun and the rain, but they were less satisfactory. In winter, ice and snow that broke off the existing roof fell directly into the kennels.

Miner said it took a while to line up the contractors for the work as they were all very busy, “but eventually Menz Agri Sales and Perry Builders were able to get us to work and had the roof up in two days” .

She said they sometimes had to block off dog access to outdoor tracks when the weather was bad, but the new roof solved the problem and made everyone happy, especially the dogs.

“They, of course, can’t tell us they’re happier, but we know they are,” Miner said. “Our staff and volunteers are extremely excited about this great positive change in animal care and dog enclosure cleaning.”

DCF Board Members Chris Brocka, Diane Findlay, Jeff Harder, Rebecca Hillmer, Vicky Lage, Sara Martin, Tiawny Meyers and Butch Niebuhr visited the Raccoon River Pet Rescue. They were welcomed to the rescue by Miner and other RRPR board members, including Jill Brosnahan, Brent Halling, Larry Meacham, Janel Repp and Joyce VanKirk, as well as RRPR shelter manager Renee Clark and Axle the merry terrier. Perry Police Chief Eric Vaughn was also on hand to celebrate.

“Dallas County is very fortunate to have DCF providing grants for so many wonderful projects,” Miner said. “We have already received two grants from DCF for our operating theatre, including a cautery device and other surgical equipment. We are very grateful to DCF.

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