Shot Cat Gets Second Chance at Marshfield Area Animal Shelter

OnFocus – Marla was found in the Auburndale area with a gaping wound on her chest, which was later determined to be due to a gunshot. A caring family took her to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS), where medical coordinator Holly Henschke realized she needed immediate medical attention.

“Once I got a better look at Marla, I knew she needed to see a vet immediately. She had a large infected wound near her chest and she couldn’t bear any weight on her front leg, ”Henschke said. Fortunately, the Wildwood Animal Hospital was able to examine Marla, where it was determined that she had been shot and they suspected that in addition to being fractured, she also had nerve damage to her leg. His amputation, sterilization and other wound care were performed the following Monday.

Marla’s operation went well and she continues to recover at MAPS with the help of pain relievers and antibiotics.

“Marla is doing great now!” She is comfortable, eats well and seems to be regaining her energy, ”said Henschke. “Marla is definitely a ‘people cat’. She loves people who take care of her and is chatty and loves affection. As sympathetic as she is to people, cats, that’s another story. She will have to go to a house with no other cats.

Despite her amputation, she is expected to lead a normal cat life.

“As terrible as amputation may seem to us, cats and dogs adapt very well to limb removal,” Henschke said. “Due to the nerve damage in her leg, she had already become accustomed to leaning on her other three legs for support and showed no signs of having a problem with her balance. Once she is healed, she will be able to run and play like any other cat, except that she will have a “hopping” gait in front.

MAPS is grateful for any donation to help with Marla’s medical expenses. In addition to her leg amputation, she also had a hip injury that required medical attention and stitches. Any additional funds above the amount needed for Marla will go into the MAPS Medical Fund to help pay for other special procedures and surgeries for animals in the organization’s care.

Anyone without a kitten and wishing to open their home to Marla is encouraged to complete an online adoption application at

If you know anything about Marla or have information about who shot her, please contact MAPS at (715) 486-5140.

You can help prevent cruelty to animals! Orderly Officer Kayla Wolf offers the following advice:

1. Be a responsible pet owner. Know and meet the needs of your pet.
2. Report any cruelty, abuse or neglect to animals to the local law enforcement agency.
3. Teach your children to respect animals. Set a good example by being respectful of animals and teach your children how to treat animals with love and consideration.

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