South Bay Pet Shelter to Reduce or Waive Adoption Fees

GARDENA, CA – Pet adoption fees will be reduced or waived at dozens of shelters across California this weekend thanks to a partnership between Bounty and the Best Friends Animal Society.

To help dogs and cats find forever homes during National Pet Month, Bounty will donate $50 for each dog adopted and $25 for each cat adopted May 20-22.

The Carson/Gardena Animal Care Center, 216 W Victoria St., Gardena, will be running the promotion to increase adoptions this weekend.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society, about 100,000 more pets are at risk of being killed in shelters this year than last due to staffing shortages and other pandemic-related issues.

For every animal adopted this weekend, two animals could be saved: one that gets a home and another that gets more room to take up space in a shelter.

“May is one of the busiest months for animal shelters in America. The sad truth is that shelters get overcrowded when animals aren’t adopted quickly enough, and that can be life-threatening,” said Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal. Company. “That’s why we’re grateful Bounty wanted to come to the rescue quickly and pick up or help with adoption fees this month. This will help best friends and our shelter partners bring more animals into homes at this critical time.”

The paper towel company will donate to more than 300 shelters across the country.

The Best Friends Animal Society has offered the following advice for those considering adopting this weekend.

  • Update pet vaccines.
  • Test pets for heartworm disease.
  • Learn about flea and tick prevention.
  • Make a gradual transition to a new diet when implementing new foods.
  • Ask about pre-existing medical conditions and ask for copies of medical records to share with your veterinarian.
  • Determine the type of activity your pet will need.
  • Determine if your new pet will get along with your other pets.
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