Southern Journey Pet Rescue Needs Donations and Volunteers

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) For Christopher Bishop, every dog ​​at Southern Journey Pet Rescue is like his own.

Bishop founded the nonprofit with Michael Walls, and together at their facility in Blairsville they care for 30 to 40 dogs and cats at a time.

“We house the animals here, take care of them, examine them, and then transport them up north to one of our partner shelters,” says Bishop.

Since 2014, they have rescued nearly 9,000 animals and brought them home.

This non-profit organization is now overwhelmed and understaffed.

Walls tells CBS46 “what we need most, we need help, we need donations, we need volunteers and we need foster families.”

“We kind of take on all the weight of it all, from laundry, to vet appointments, to grooming, it’s a lot,” Bishop said.

CBS46 news crews watched 37 animals loaded up to be transported to a partner no-kill shelter in Ohio so they could be adopted.

But as these animals leave, other stray, abandoned or abandoned animals will take their place. That’s as much as 80 to 130 in a single month.

Bishop says, “People don’t spay, so you just have the recurring puppies, kittens, puppies, kittens. The need was so great, I mean, you know, we’re making a very small dent in it, it doesn’t stop.

If you would like to help Southern Journey Pet Rescue, click here.

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