The man who stole $700,000 from a local pet shelter will be sentenced on Monday

The lawyer said Taylor had a “great love of animals” and owned a farm where he cared for five dogs, six chickens, seven horses and two pigs.

Taylor suffered “public humiliation” from media coverage of her case and suffered personal loss, O’Shea said in the motion.

“Since (Taylor) surrendered to authorities and admitted his wrongdoing to friends and family, his wife of 25 years has filed for divorce. Additionally, the emotional burden this offense has placed on his children and her grandchildren is distressing (Taylor). According to her children, they lost their home and are devastated that their parents are divorcing,” O’Shea wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

The attorney also noted that Taylor was fired from his job and will “never work in the accounting profession again.”

When Taylor first flew from Animal Friends, her family was going through financial hardship, the attorney wrote.

“He was behind on his house payments and feared his house would be foreclosed. Plus, he was in credit card debt and withdrew everything he could from his 401(K) account. He freaked out,” O’Shea wrote. ‘Like many in these types of cases, (Taylor) always thought he was going to be able to replace the funds and that every time he flew was one last time.’ Moreover, he failed to realize at how high his flight was.

Taylor collected $35,000 in restitution and is working on her home to increase the value to sell it with all the money earmarked for restitution, according to O’Shea.

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The attorney said Taylor was “truly remorseful for what he did”, that reoffending is “highly unlikely” and that incarceration will “interfere with the recovery of the victim”.

Prosecutors say Taylor used the personal card for vacations and to go to concerts and was “spending a lot per month,” he said.

Additionally, Taylor used the organization’s credit cards for her own benefit, including paying her cell phone bill and making purchases on Kings Island. There were also a number of purchases from Rural King and other companies for Taylor’s farm.

“I think it just became a source of funds for him,” Baker said.

Taylor also wrote checks to a fictitious vendor and when the Animal Friends Humane Society board of directors asked for bank financial information, he provided them with falsified statements, Baker said.

The Animal Friends Humane Society board of directors released a statement about Taylor in June.

“Over the past few months, AFHS has discovered that Jeremy Taylor, who served as a member of our board of directors and our treasurer for more than 20 years, had exploited the trust we placed in him and used his CPA background and his knowledge of our financial processes. rob this organization. The board discovered the theft on its own and worked with Butler County authorities to prosecute the theft and breach of trust.

A professional accountant and an outside CPA have been hired as part of various changes to ensure something like this never happens again, according to the statement from council attorney George Jonson.

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