The waiting list for animal shelters is growing

No more dogs, cats need homes

By James Card

Last year, one in five households adopted pets, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

It was called the “Pandemic Pet” fashion.

This year is different.

“Increasingly, we are receiving requests for help from people facing health issues, homelessness, financial hardship and other disasters,” according to a recent letter sent by the Humane Society of Waupaca County. “Plus there’s no shortage of homeless puppies and incoming kittens. “

“We don’t usually have such a long waiting list for dogs. It’s pretty normal to have a waiting list for cats to come in, but there’s also a lot on the dog drop list now, ”said Monica Gardner, operations manager. “It is not normal that this waiting list is like this and we always do the same number of adoptions.”

During the pandemic, the shelter has been very successful with people in foster care or who have volunteered to temporarily care for pets.

Foster care is also a way for people to get to know a pet and over 90% of people end up adopting the pet.

The Humane Society shelter can accommodate up to 35 dogs and between 55 to 60 cats. In addition, they usually have a few rabbits and guinea pigs.

The Waupaca Shelter works with other animal shelters throughout Wisconsin when they are short of space.

Recently, they sent a puppy to a shelter in Minnesota. The dog is of a herding breed and they have foster homes that are best suited to meet the needs of this type of dog.

They have many services in place to keep pets in their homes. People can seek advice when they are having difficulty with a pet and if the pet owner is in financial difficulty there is the Paws in Need program which is like a pantry but for pets. .

To avoid unwanted litters, they organize a sterilization day and seek to increase its frequency because the demand is high for this service. There are also pricing options for low income pet owners. They also organize vaccination clinics so that animals are up to date with their vaccines. The next one will take place in January.

The Human Society of Waupaca County has a 95% placement rate for the animals it welcomes.

To adopt a pet, there is an application process that usually takes a few days. The staff offer advice so that a person can choose a pet that is best suited to the conditions of their home.

“There’s an app involved so we can make sure the animals go to the right place for them and it’s the right match for people, too,” Gardner said.

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