Wisconsin Underdog Pet Rescue Hosts One-Time Fundraiser for New Facility | News

MADISON (WKOW) — Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin held its Pints ​​for Pups fundraiser at the Garver Feed Mill on Sunday.

The objective was to raise funds for a new installation.

“We were founded in 2012 and now nearly 10 years later, we’re ready to expand and start a larger facility,” said Underdog Pet Rescue intern Madi Ekstrom.

At the event, there was a pet costume contest and the opportunity to purchase pet treats and clothing. All proceeds will go to the organization’s new facility and the work they do.

“If you support our fundraising campaign, we expect that we can not only double the number of vet appointments we have per day, but double our impact on animal rescue. Currently, we are rescuing approximately 150 animals per month and we hope to increase that to 300,” Ekstrom said.

So far, Ekstrom said he’s raised around $7,500 towards his goal of $500,000. She hopes they will reach her so she can continue to help the animals.

“We have a veterinary clinic that we run that not only supports low-income people who otherwise cannot afford veterinary care, but we also provide public veterinary care to foster families who come through our rescue,” said said Ekstrom.

Anyone interested in donating to the cause can do so here.

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