Yakima Valley Pet Rescue saves 11 dogs with parvovirus | News

Yakima, WA – Yakima Valley Pet Rescue rescued 11 dogs with parvovirus from a property in White Swan.

More than 20 dogs are thought to be on the property from three different litters. Yakima Valley Pet Rescue couldn’t catch all of them, but did take 11 that had olive-sized ticks on them. Board chair Shelley Cort said that at first only two puppies showed signs of illness, but it went downhill from there. Now all but three of the puppies have tested positive for parvovirus.

Cort said there were even more dogs on White Swan’s property.

“There’s actually a liter of older puppies and there are three little puppies from the litter we took,” Cort said.

Mikey’s Chance Rescue in the Tri-Towns recently contacted Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and offered to take three of the smaller puppies still on the property, but Cort says there’s not much they can do about the rest.

“We’re running out of room,” Cort said. “We’re just going to try to help them get them sterilized and hopefully end it a bit.”

As for what you can do to help, Cort said they are always looking for foster homes and donations. Adoptive parent for two of the puppies Samantha Wyatt says fostering is a great experience.

“Finding that perfect match and it’s easy to leave them, I can see the dog with that person and they already love them before they even leave the parking lot,” Wyatt said.

You can donate, register to foster, or adopt on the Yakima Valley Pet Rescue website.

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